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It’s about time to shift gears into Back to School mode! Which means backpacks need to be washed, school supplies need to be purchased, and I need to get motivated to pack school lunches again! And nothing makes a mundane task a little more fun than new goodies! So, this week’s Giveaway is all about school lunches.

And instead of introducing you to just one great new resource to fall in love with. I’m introducing you to three!! So, here we go. Let me introduce you to…….

Lunchbox Love

The mission behind Lunchbox Love® serves a huge purpose that goes far beyond the lunchbox. It’s the idea of communicating to our kids that we love, respect, and honor them. This is the kind of daily reminder that is the perfect way to bring positive messaging into our children’s lives and those we love, especially when we cannot be there. Because a healthy lunch feeds the soul as much as the stomach.


Lunchbox Love Volumes 49-53

Lunchbox Love® – positive notes and fun trivia and jokes for your child’s lunchbox, backpack, binder, or pillow. Busy parents and caregivers will love this easy yet meaningful way to stay connected with their children throughout the school day. Positive words on the front inspire while fun trivia & jokes on the back entertain. Each volume contains 12 cards–10 with different phrases and fun facts or jokes and 2 blanks so you can add a personal message. 2 volumes of jokes and 6 volumes of fun facts.

Southern Yankee

Meet Jennifer of Southern Yankee. “It all started years and years ago.  My grandmother, Inez, learned to sew at a very young age. She then taught my mom, Nancy, when she was little.  My mom taught me and now I am teaching my daughter…. See a trend?  Over the years, I have had many “businesses”. But, it was Christmas of 1998 when my latest business took off! The only problem of starting a new company, is what do you name it? Mom asked, “What best describes you?” Well…. I was born & raised in Dallas, TX and married a Yankee…So, with a little help from my husband and 3 kids, I present to you Southern Yankee.


Reusable Snack Sacks

Never run out of those little plastics baggies again! Try these reusable bags for lunches and snacks! They are also great for small jewelry, makeup, and more! Approximate size is 6″x6″.  They are made with upcycled dress shirts, vintage chenille and vintage calendar towel barkcloth and all lined with rip-stop nylon.100% machine washable and dryable! What’s really special is these are all vintage/up-cycled materials. So you’ll get something similar to what’s in the picture above, but not exactly – that’s what makes it so fun!!!

My Square Meal

Let me introduce you to Ashely and Misty, aka “the Lunch Ladies”. Two former school teachers turned lunch-packing moms. “Our healthy, environmentally sustainable, and unconventional approach to packing our kids’ lunches led to the creation of My Square Meal. As teachers, we noticed how common it was for children to eat only a small portion of their meal (often just the chips and dessert) and throw away the rest. We decided that the best way to deliver a healthy and child-friendly meal for our own children was to pack a variety of foods in smaller quantities. After a great deal of searching, we were unable to find a compartmentalized box that would hod such a meal, much less one that we and our children deemed stylish enough to carry everyday to school. Our solution was a lunch box of our own design. My Square Meal.”


Lunch Bag with Bento Box

Three Cheers for the red, white, and blue!  This is a classic that will never go out of style. Blue and white check oil cloth with red grosgrain trim. Fully insulated. Lunch bag is approximately 9” X 9”. Compartmentalized bento and spork included.  Add a little personalization and have your child’s name embroidered on it by your favorite monogrammer.


Now comes the fun part…Entering! All you need to do is show these mom owned companies a little love. Tweet about the giveaway, become a fan on Facebook, pin one of their great images to your Pintrest board, or leave a comment below. It’s easy and fun and you just might win these great back to school items! So, one, two, three, GO! 


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  1. Erica Stein says:

    I love the notes and what a great idea for a lunchbox!

  2. Ashani O'Mard says:

    What great ways to get ready for the Countdown to to Big Kid School!! Woohoo!Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Nicole Gibbons says:

    I love the idea of sending a little note in the lunchbox!

  4. jwalter says:

    Love them all!

  5. Linda Kish says:

    I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Just work lunches at this time.

  6. Amanda Landau says:

    We are starting preschool in a few weeks, and I am starting to panic! It’s such a trip for me, as I used to be a teacher, to now see the other side of the back to school madness. These things are soo cute and I would love to include them in my new preschooler’s stash!

  7. crisinger says:

    Love the bento box idea!

  8. Brennan says:

    I love that lunchbox! Have been looking for something just like that!

  9. Pam says:

    Wow, it’s time for school lunches again. Anything that helps is great.

  10. marni brown says:

    I don’t start panicking about school starting. I start panicking when it’s time to buy school supplies at Walmart!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kelsey says:

    These would be great for our daughter entering grade one!

  12. Nicole's says:

    We start thinking about school about a month in advance!

  13. epsamom says:

    When I see all the supplies displayed in my local stores and all my fellow mommies stocking up on them. Then I panic….thinking….why haven’t I gotten a school supply list yet? why don’t I have my %*&$ together like those mommies?……and I start randomly grabbing stuff just so I don’t miss out on the good deals.

  14. Right about now!!! Eeeeeek! Only a few short weeks until school starts again!

  15. Kris Kipp says:

    I always feel a little nervous when I see back to school signage appear in stores mid-July.

  16. Mozi Esmé says:

    As soon as back-to-school sales start in July.

  17. Misty says:

    I have really wanted to try the reusable snack bags. This would give me a jump start!

  18. Sunni Bolger says:

    We just moved to the Midwest from the Pacific Northwest. Schools out in WA don’t start until after labor day, but the schools here have already started!! We went back to school shopping about a week before school started. But, I don’t panic. It’s all good, baby!

  19. Abigail Freiberger says:

    school has already started around here. I started planning and thinking weeks in advance to be sure its not too hectic

  20. Laura says:

    I love the ideas!!

  21. Nicole says:

    Anything will be great for a brand new school mom. My baby is going to school!

  22. Tamara Marles says:

    With preschool right around the corner, these items all look like so much fun!

  23. Amy says:

    I start panicking when I start seeing the back-to-school flyers.

  24. Debbie Lyman says:

    My kids’ school has already started. I pack lunches for all 3 of them and am always looking for great ideas!

  25. Nazeli says:

    I’ve always wanted these!

  26. Susan A says:

    Love to see new ideas! Thank you!

  27. BethB says:

    I love all of these!! What a great giveaway. Now, if only they would finish the remodel work in our kitchen so I could get back to making some good homemade meals!

  28. Vickie England says:

    I started about two weeks ago! My guys have started already except for my oldest who will be heading off to college in 11 days! Yikes!!

  29. egillispie says:

    Love the back to school ideas! I’ve been thinking about it for a month, but freaking out about lunch for a week. Why does it have to be so stressful? 15 more years of lunch packing 🙁

  30. Stephanie says:

    We would love these to add to our lunch staples!

  31. Robin P says:

    I start over thinking everything at two weeks out. Planning on making and freezing as many PB&J sandwiches as I can today.

  32. Carol says:

    With 3 kiddos headed back to school today, your timing is perfect!! 🙂

  33. Brandi Combs says:

    School starts for us on Monday, 8.19.13, my baby is starting Kindergarten! 🙁 They grow up so fast.. I absolutely love all these wonderful creations and would love to add these to our daily routine! 🙂

  34. Jodi Monroy says:

    I’ve been thinking about it for weeks!

  35. Kristin Bliss says:

    Love the bento box! Maybe it would actually get me to make their lunches!

  36. Trilby says:

    This would be great! School is starting soon – getting lunches ready is on my mind.

  37. Cyndi says:

    We already started school, looking forward to making their lunches more fun.

  38. Jodi G says:

    What fun ideas!

  39. Love the Bento Boxes, love the notes, love it all! Pick me! Pick me!

  40. Love the Bento Boxes, love the notes, love it all!

  41. Tara Kerns says:

    I want to win! These would be great items for my pre-schooler!

  42. Carrie says:

    Been planning all month for school… These would be a great addition!

  43. Beckie says:

    I don’t think about school far enough in advance. About now ;).

  44. Beth says:

    Any of these would make lunch more fun!

  45. Laura Shepherd says:

    When I have to start the BTS prep for the PTA.

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