I’m Stacey, the founder and lead menu planner here at No More To-Go. I’m also a mom of 3, a volunteer, a business owner; and I love to cook (and eat)!

I lead the typical ‘mom life’; very much like my mom friends. Juggling home, work, and kids. But what makes me a little different, and boggles my friends’ minds, is my love of cooking.

They’re always asking me how I cook night after night without getting completely burned out!

Well, first of all, I don’t cook every night – we do eat out; but not nearly as much as we did before I started planning our meals.

And once I got into the groove of cooking at home, I started to discover a few things….

  1. Very few take-out meals tasted good to me anymore. What I was cooking at home was killing the competition!
  2. Dinner prep is like anything else; practice makes perfect. It didn’t take long and I was feeling pretty good about my newly found cooking skills; and I was dicing like a champ.
  3. And budget-wise, it was simply getting too expensive to take 5 people to dinner multiple times a week.

All that said, for me, the effort of planning and cooking is a complete waste, if I’m not drooling over what I’m about to eat.

And that’s why I put a massive amount of effort into each and every recipe in my meal plan. Right down to tips for adjusting my drool-worthy meals to the picky eaters at the table.

It takes a lot of time to create a weekly menu that makes you look forward to cooking (ok tolerate cooking).

But it gets a lot easier when you have a friend (that’s me) who loves to cook and wants to share her menu plan with you each and every week!

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